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Swiss Opera singer and composer Morgane Matteuzzi studied vocal studies at the Royal College of Music in London with the trusted name Sally Burgess. Fascinated by both electro music and opera singing she decided in her project 'Distorted Opera Electro' to break the borders between these two very distincts worlds. 

Etienne Pelosoff arranged, mixed and mastered her single 'Rewind' and now is now working on her whole debut EP.

Composition, mixing, arrangement and mastering for


IGNOCIDE is a brutal cyber punk band in London, UK, aiming at expressing the frustration of a persisting obscurantism through the world. Taking its roots from Nine Inch Nails, Meshuggah and Hans Zimmer, its dark and raw music exposes the lack of self-education as the main cause for wars, terrorism, corruption, injustice, hunger and pollution.

​Ignocide drowns the listener in a whole unknown universe made of rust and ashes. In this glaucous, intimate and claustrophobic atmosphere, the band explores the weirdest mutant sounds with eccentric polyrhythms and furious energy.

Etienne is the founder member, bassist, co-composer, co-lyricist, co-producer and co-manager of Ignocide.

You can find out more about IGNOCIDE on the official website.

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