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"Brilliant, and never foolishly elitist."


Rockhard Magazine (France)

"None has quite managed to merge the aggression and darkness of black metal with the spirituality and fluidity of jazz to make a straight combination. This project definitely is the closest yet." (US)

"This is definitely one of the most obscure, difficult but rewarding albums."


The Moshville Times (UK)



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"What if Miles Davis and Mayhem

played together ?"

With a love for black metal and jazz, the accomplished French producer and all-round adept musician Etienne Pelosoff has already amassed a wealth of academic and studio experience in just a short space of time by creating an unprecedented music, a fusion of black metal jazz : furious drums, diabolical sax, screaming guitars, funky bass and devastating percussions.

By placing improvisation at the center of tribal grooves and spiritually evil ambiances, you will feel how far black metal jazz can take you.


Along with producing a wide array of local international talents, theclassically trained artist is now playing festivals including the Hellfest Off on the16th of June and the prestigious New Blood Fest near Geneva on the 15th of October.



"Stay trve, stay jazz !"

A brand new version of the eponym song including new recordings, new sections, new mixing and a whole remastering... Including more than 10 musicians, t's bigger, louder and crazier than ever !

"Brilliant, and never foolishly elitist."

Rockhard Magazine (France)

"The loudest jazz for the grooviest metal !"

After ‘Rhapsodyin Blood’released on the 27th ofApril, ‘Black Metal Jazz Kvlt’is the second piece of four videolive recordings from this concert and the never-heard-before tunes promise to be alwaysweirder, bigger and crazier.

"An exceptional energy for an incredible atmosphere ! " Metalife

"The loudest jazz for the grooviest metal !"

Something trvly unique happened on this 27th ofAugust 2021 at the Nukstock OpenAir festival,near Dresden in Germany. Etienne Pelosoff reveals for the very first time the full power ofhis black metal jazz with a full band live recording : furious drums, diabolical sax, screamingguitar, funky bass and devastating percussions.

"A journey that ingeniously melds two powerful genres into one beautiful beast of a sound. " Forum Obscura

'TUTU 2022'
single -2022 

"A new daw rises for the Black Metal Jazz Kvlt!"


To kick off the new year by feeling the best energy, listen to 'Tutu 2022', a furious track made of irresistible guitars, slap bass and devilish trumpet!

single -2021 

"In Black Metal Jazz, Art knows no limit."

Sax, opera and blast beat: Etienne Pelosoff once again surprises by increasing the intensity of his Black Metal Jazz.

Winner of the BIMM Berlin Album Competition (Germany), the French Metal Competition (France), the KR Home Music Magazine Competition (France) and La Nouvelle Onde Competition (France)


single - 2020 

Already known for Trve Brutal Black Jazz, the EP nominated in the Top 10 Albums of the Year by the Moshville Times (UK), Etienne Pelosoff took his fusion of black metal and jazz a step further to create a new monster: a song everybody can headbang to.

By far the most brutal and direct song of his repertoire, Headbang to Jazz is the first piece of a brand new genre: Black Metal Jazz. Try not to headbang!

Winner of the ADAM AUDIO Scholarship Competition (UK)

"I asked myself:

how would a collaboration between

Miles Davis and Mayhem sound like ?"

Between blast beats and swing, distorted guitars and jazz chords, growl and scat, 'Trve Brutal Black Jazz' is an incongruous music challenging the boundaries of genres.





... New dates in 2023 to be announced real soon, stay tune !


15.10.2022 : New Blood Fest, Culoz, FR

16.06.2022 : Hellfest Off, Clisson, FR

27.08.2021: Nukstock Festival (Headline), Dresden, GER 

29.08.2020: Nukstock Festival, Dresden, GER (cancelled because of covid)

06.03.2020: The Unicorn Rises, London, UK

05.12.2019: Cassiopeia, Berlin, GER




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Art is the New Black


Etienne Pelosoff Studio

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