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BIMM Berlin Music School (Germany)

Bachelor with First Honours in Music & Sound Production

Specialisation in Max for Live & Surround systems

Europe's largest and leading music college

Direct admission in 2nd year


BIMM London Music School (UK) 

Bachelor with First Honours in Creative Musicianship in Bass

Specialisation in Sound for Moving Image : sound design, soundtrack, foley...

Diploma in Bass Performance


Bocconi University of Milan (Italy)

1st Business School in Italy

Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance (in English)


Bass Studies at Scuola di Musica Cluster (Italy)

Scientific baccalauréat with high honours at Lycée français Stendhal in Milan (Italy)


Cello and classical music studies at the Conservatoire National Régional in St Maur des Fossés (France)




From January 2021

Founder of Etienne Pelosoff Studio (France)

Mix critic on Groover (France)

Adam Audio high tech music company ambassador (France)

From September 2020 to June 2021

Studio sound engineer at BIMM Berlin (Germany)

Summer 2019

Montreux Jazz Festival, screen supervisor and script (Switzerland)


Summer 2018

Nuclear Blast Record Labelinternship in media management (UK)



Music Teacher in Nurseries in London for Jumping Beans (UK)


Weekly music writer on the French webzine Aux Portes du Metal (France)

Summer 2013

Amundi Asset Management (London) for internship with Chris Morris (ex-FMI chief economist) (UK)

Summer 2012

Humour comics drawer on The Little Comics of Pelo-Pelo, used for the ad start-up Iconic Matter (Italy)

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National German Radio MDR original song, full composition & production (Germany)

EP Amazon 62 by electronic one-man band Veleva, mix & mastering (France)
EP Miranda by pop artist Auguste Lécrivain, mix & mastering (Belgium)


Finalist demo for Peugeot 308 Hybrid commercial, full production (France)

EP Ca Ira Mieux Demain  by rock band Water Rise, co-production, mix & mastering (France)

EP If You Say by rock band Saturn Through my Telescope, mix & mastering (Germany)

Single Dream by dark pop artist Syneye, mastering (Swizterland)

EP Knights of Ravinsara  by rock band Lingus, mix & mastering (France)

Single Violent Vows by electro pop artist Criz Moka, full production (Germany)

Singles Tutu 2022, Rhapsody in Blood and Black Metal Jazz Kvlt by black metal jazz artist Etienne Pelosoff, full production (France)


Single Beneath My Soul by Etienne Pelosoff, winner of the BIMM album competition,  full production (Germany)

Single Who Cares by new wave pop artist Xtian, full production (Germany)

Single No Gravity by electro pop artist Dr. Drawsound, full production (France)

Single Here is Your War by electro metal artist Andy Nagle, full production (UK)

Single Dark Companion by new wave pop artist Xtian, full production (Germany)

Single Youth by electro pop artist Amelie G, full production (France)

Live video Tutu by metal artist Etienne Pelosoff (France)

Single Ghosts by electro metal artist Ghosts, full production (US)

Single Sulfure by electro metal band Wølcan, full production (Belgium)

Single Day by Day by electro pop artist Cloe Givelin, arrangement and production (US)

Single Sul Mio Cadavere by hip hop artist Leoinrosso, full production (Italy)

Short movie soundtrack Reel for Spacebar Mag, full production (UK)


EP Inner Voices  by electro pop singer Morgane Matteuzzi, co-production, mix & mastering (Switzerland)

Single Cut Me Deeper for electro pop artist Amelie G. , full production (France)

Single Headbang to Jazz for symphonic metal  Etienne Pelosoff, full production (Germany)

Singles You Don't Care and Shape of Light for electro pop singer Morgane Matteuzzi, co-production, mix & mastering (Switzerland)

Live recording of Tritone Labyrinth,  black metal jazz fusion, with a four-piece jazz band (Germany)


Soundtrack National TV Program Passe-moi les Jumelles on RTS, mix & mastering (Switzerland)

Singles Rewind and Blue for electro pop singer Morgane Matteuzzi, co-production, mix & mastering (Switzerland)

Soundtrack for musical disco short movie Cult of Recognition (UK)

EP Hollowcost,  by experimental band Ignocide, full production (UK)


EP Trve Brutal Black Jazz, by fusion of black metal jazz Etienne Pelosoff, full production (UK)

Nominated top 10 albums of the year by Moshville Times (UK)


Soundtrack for non profit organization ad Art of Chare (Italy)


Single Furioso for progressive rock band The ASE (UK)


Singles original electronic music Social Virus, Upright,  Don't Be Shy, Bass Player, published on Soundcloud (Italy)


Single Miss Anarchy for fusion rock band Radioactive Vodka (Italy)





French, English, Italian, German


Harmony (pop & jazz), Orchestration, Structure, Arrangement, Sight reading, Poly-rhythm


Sound Design, Synth and FX Programming, Ambisonics 3D mixing

Music softwares

Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic Pro, Max for Live, Reaper

Music gears

2 Adam S2Vs, 2 Adam A8X, 2 Rokit RP5-GA, 1 Axe-FX2 +L, Izotope suite, Fabfilter suite, Soundtoys suite, Valhalla suite, Waves suite, Plugin Alliance suite, GGD suite, Ugritone suite, Neuron modular synth... etc 

Other softwares

Final Cut, Photoshop


Electric Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Cello, Keyboard, Sax, Congas, Bongo, DJ

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